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October 4th, 2014

Timothy Culp Wins 8th Annual Gumbo Nationals Slugfest

Greenville, Mississippi (10/04/14) – Timothy Culp won his first-career Dirt Late Model feature at Greenville Speedway in 2011, and on Saturday night he won the richest of his young career with a $10,000 triumph in the 8th Annual Gumbo Nationals.

“This place has always been special to me since it’s the first place I won in a Super Late Model, but it hasn’t always been kind to me,” said an elated Culp in victory lane after successful completing nearly a dozen doughnuts in the infield after bagging the victory in the richest event in the history of the facility.  “Tonight we had no mechanical failures, no bad luck, and we did what few have been able to do and that’s beat Bub McCool at Greenville.”

Culp jumped to the lead at the drop of the green flag from his outside-front-row starting spot for the 75 lapper. He paced the opening circuits, which were plagued by a series of cautions. Bub McCool, Neil Baggett, Tyler Erb, and Ronnie Johnson gave chase during the opening laps, and McCool used a lap 8 restart to catapult into the lead.

Culp would remain persistent though, and on a lap 18 restart he used a strong run on the low side to retake the lead as McCool slipped as far back as the third spot before mounting a charge back to the lead three circuits later. Culp continued to use restarts to his advantage, and on a lap 30 restart he raced into the top spot.

The next several laps found Culp and McCool tap dancing around the high groove. Behind the lead duo incredible battles waged through the pack with three and four wide action with Baggett, Erb, Ronnie Johnson, and Morgan Bagley fighting tooth and nail for the third spot.

A lap 41 slide job in turn two sent McCool to the lead, but a lap 48 restart saw Culp rocketing back into the lead once again. The next ten laps found Culp and McCool waging war for the lead through lapped traffic. That all came to an end on lap 59, when McCool bounced off the turn 4 wall, resulting in a broken driveshaft, which ended his night.

Despite a late-race charge from Neil Baggett, Timothy Culp went on to power his Bennings Heat & Air #c8 Bob Pierce Super Late Model to the $10,000 victory. Neil Baggett, Chad Thrash, Tyler Erb, and Morgan Bagley rounded out the top five finishers.

A bevy of bonuses in memory of Greg Camponovo, who lost his life a week earlier in an accident on his family farm, were distributed throughout the payout.

With a ninth place finish David Breazeale claimed the 2014 MSCCS Super Late Model title.

Full results from the event are available at .

8th Annual Gumbo Nationals – October 3rd - 4th, 2014
Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series (MSCCS)
Greenville Speedway (Greenville, MS)

Main Event (75 Laps)
1) Timothy Culp (Sheridan, Arkansas) - $10,200
2) Neil Baggett (Shannon, Mississippi) - $5,000
3) Chad Thrash (Meridian, Mississippi) - $2,500
4) Tyler Erb (Magnolia, Texas) - $2,000
5) Morgan Bagley (Longview, Texas) - $1,500
6) Kyle Beard (Trumann, Arkansas) - $1,200
7) Robert Baker (Bryant, Arkansas) - $1,150
8) Eric Cooley (Fulton, Mississippi) - $1,125
9) David Breazeale (Four Corners, Mississippi) - $1,100
10) Clay Fisher (Dewitt, Arkansas) - $1,075
11) Rick Rickman (Columbus, Mississippi) - $1,050
12) Doug Showah (Indianola, Mississippi) - $1,025
13) Garrett Alberson (Las Cruces, New Mexico) - $1,000
14) Robbie Stuart (Deridder, Louisiana) - $1,100
15) Chris Huckabay (West Monroe, Louisiana) - $1,000
16) Duke Palasini (Leland, Mississippi) - $1,000
17) Bub McCool (Vicksburg, Mississippi) - $1,200
18) Ronnie Johnson (Chattanooga, Louisiana) - $1,150
19) Chase Washington (Houlka, Mississippi) - $1,000
20) Brian Rickman (Columbus, Mississippi) - $1,000
21) Mark Dodson (Caledonia, Mississippi) - $1,000
22) Jon Mitchell (Texarkana, Texas) - $1,000
23) Dane Dacus (Lakeland, Tennessee) - $1,000
24) Ray Moore (Haughton, Louisiana) - $1,000

Entries: 50
Group A Fast Qualifier: David Breazeale 14.593 seconds (Overall)
Group B Fast Qualifier: Timothy Culp 15.397 seconds
Heat Race Winners: Neil Baggett, Timothy Culp, Bub McCool, Tyler Erb, Robert Baker, Ronnie Johnson
B-Main Winners: Chris Huckabay, Robbie Stuart
Lap Leaders: Timothy Culp (1-7, 18-20, 30-40, 48-75); Bub McCool (8-17, 21-29, 41-47)

Heat Race #1: Neil Baggett, Brian Rickman, Eric Cooley, Chase Washington, Tanner Kellick, Zach McMillan, Justin Paxton, Jack Sullivan, David Breazeale,

Heat Race #2: Timothy Culp, Morgan Bagley, Chad Thrash, Robbie Stuart, Rob Litton, Eddie Rickman, Greg Fore, Lynn Beach

Heat Race #3: Bub McCool, Dane Dacus, Jon Mitchell, Chris Huckabay, Bo Gordon, Bubba Harrison, Scott Abraham, Clint Logan

Heat Race #4: Tyler Erb, Clay Fisher, Duke Palasini, Anthony Burroughs, Casey Findley, Kyle Pleasant, Lynnsee Provence, Chad Dupont

Heat Race #5: Robert Baker, Rick Rickman, Garrett Alberson, Ross Camponovo, Patrik Daniel, Mark Dodson, Edmond Jenkins, Brandon Hightower

Heat Race #6: Ronnie Johnson, Doug Showah, Ray Moore, Kyle Beard, Jason Michau, Tommy Surrett, Trey Beene, Mark Edwards

Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series
Whynot Motorsports Park - September 20th, 2014

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 3 1C    Chad Thrash     , Ms 0.00
2 2 15S    Neil Baggett    Columbus , Ms 0.00
3 11 57J    Bub Mccool    Vicksburg , Ms 0.00
4 8 86    Rick Rickman    Columbus , Ms 0.00
5 10 38    Chase Washington    Houlka , Ms 0.00
6 14 71W    Chris Wall     , La 0.00
7 19 F5    Chad Dupont     - 0.00
8 6 90    Brian Rickman    Columbus , Ms 0.00
9 12 49    Dingus Griffin    Ohatchee , Al 0.00
10 4 327    Jamie Tolison     - 0.00
11 1 33C    Eric Cooley    Fulton , Ms 0.00
12 15 18J    Jimmy Cliburn    Star , Ms 0.00
13 5 54    David Breazeale    Koscuckio , Ms 0.00
14 13 88B    Jeremy Broadus     , Ms 0.00
15 20 56    Marty Hardy    Bolixi , Ms 0.00
16 21 9    Clint Logan     - 0.00
17 17 10H    Leon Henderson    Laurel , Ms 0.00
18 22 32    Mark Dodson    Caledonia , Ms 0.00
19 16 17    Ronald Dunn    Corinth , Ms 0.00 DNF
20 18 14H    Henry Cooper    Star , Ms 0.00 DNF
21 9 27    Chris Mcelhenney     , Ms 0.00 DNF
22 7 1    Anthony Burroughs    Rogerville , Al 0.00 DNF

David Breazeale Wins Shootout at JMS

MSCCS All American 50 feature results at Jackson Motor Speedway:
Byram, MS (09/13/14) (1) David Breazeale, (2) Chris Wall, (3) Rick Rickman, (4) Bub McCool, (5) Clay Fisher, (6) Garrett Alberson, (7) Chad Thrash, (8) Neil Baggett, (9) Anthony Burroughs, (10) Chad Dupont, (11) Mark Dodson, (12) Clint Logan, (13) Kody Barber, (14) Chris Huckabay, (15) Henry Cooper, (16) Chris McElhenney, (17) Brian Rickman, (18) Jimmy Cliburn, (19) Ross Camponovo, (20) Leon Henderson, (21) Trey Beene, (22) Chase Washington.

David Breazeale Repels Repeated Challenges at the Bullring

Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series results at Columbus Speedway:
Columbus, Mississippi (08/23/14) (1) David Breazeale, (2) Chris Wall, (3) Rick Rickman, (4) Billy Moyer Jr, (5) Garrett Alberson, (6) Anthony Burroughs, (7) Chad Thrash, (8) Mark Dodson, (9) Kody Barber, (10) Chad Dupont, (11) Clint Logan, (12) Shelby Sheedy, (13) Leon Henderson, (14) Timothy Culp, (15) Dean Carpenter, (16) Eric Cooley, (17) Brian Rickman, (18) Kyle Beard, (19) Chad McCool, (20) Dane Dacus, (21) Jason Milam, (22) Bub McCool.

Drivers not making the feature: Eddie Rickman and Allen Simmons.

The 1-2-3 bonus on the combined weekend top points from North Alabama and Columbus Speedways, goes to (1st) Chris Wall, (2nd) Billy Moyer Jr, (3rd) David Breazeale. Wall grabs an extra $500, while Moyer Jr takes $300 and Breazeale with $200.

***A very special thanks and appreciation for supporting the Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series goes to Jeff Greer of North Alabama Speedway and Joe Ables of Columbus Speedway, for the $1,000 bonus money in the Battle of the States doubleheader!

Bub McCool Conquers North Alabama Speedway Action with MSCCS

(Write-up by Bryan Wimberley)

1Tuscumbia, Alabama (08/22/14) Bub McCool of Vicksburg, Miss., made it look simple Friday at North Alabama Speedway, being the fastest qualifier in time trials, winning the dash race and leading the most feature laps, en route to his 14th career Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series victory, which was worth $3,000. Connie Putnam Photo

The win is also McCool's third on the regional circuit this season and back-to-back series' triumphs at NAS, between six-year events.

MSCCS feature results at North Alabama Speedway:

(1) Bub McCool, (2) Chris Wall, (3) Josh Putnam, (4) Eric Cooley, (5) Kyle Beard, (6) Billy Moyer Jr, (7) Mark Dodson, (8) Brian Rickman, (9) David Breazeale, (10) Garrett Alberson, (11) Anthony Burroughs, (12) Rick Rickman, (13) Chad Dupont, (14) Chad McCool, (15) Clint Logan, (16) Dean Carpenter, (17) Chandler Petty, (18) Seth McCormack, (19) Howard Means, (20) Ronald Dunn, (21) Steve Hester, (22) Dylan Ames, (23) Joey McKinney.

Decision, cautions play into Wall's hand for State Series win at Jackson


by Bryan Wimberley
Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series correspondent

1BYRAM, Miss. (August 16) - Different year, different car -same result! Ninth-starting Chris Wall of Springfield, La., continued his mastery of Jackson Motor Speedway Saturday, winning his fifth of the last six Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series' events at the facility -his seventh overall at JMS, since September 2004.

"When the Cliburns first bought Jackson, we actually struggled here for a year or two and finally I had to change my mentality when I come here. It's just a certain mentality that you have to get in and Mike Boland told me years ago, he said, 'this is a driver's race track', when you come here, you pull your seat-belts tight, elbows up and get up on the wheel -and that is what Jackson is!" Wall commented.

Last year's series champion, Wall, banked $2,500 for the 50-lap feature win over current MSCCS points leader, David Breazeale of Four Corner, Miss., beating 'The Ragin' Rebel by six-lengths at the flagstand. The triumph marked Wall's tour leading, 44th overall State Series victory, but his first on the circuit this year.

"We ran points with the State Series last year and won it, this is a great group of guys to race with and you know them well enough that you can put the car in there with inches or less between you. You know these drivers are going to run you clean and it is an honor to come here and race with this series," said Wall.

Wall and the Childress Racing Team scratched plans to start 13th in a B-Main prelim on Saturday, of the 22nd Annual Topless 100 at Batesville Motor Speedway, opting to travel to the Magnolia State and perhaps capitalize on better luck and results. Wall had qualified 27th fastest in his group at The Topless, being 1.2 seconds off of Brian Birkhofer's top time and exited early in his heat, due to an accident. 

In the end, the decision to come to Jackson's 3rd Annual Doyle Lott Memorial turned out to be grand for the crew, where Wall benefited from an early caution-fest, working his way to a contending position, late in the race. Only Louisiana's Ray Moore has bested 'The Intimagator' in his last six MSCCS appearances at JMS, edging Wall last September in same event.

Wall explained, "After getting in a crash in our heat race at Batesville, it was going to put us deep into the B-Main and it is tough enough in that class of cars even when you start towards the front. We felt like our odds were better to come closer to home and to a track that we are certainly familiar with at Jackson. We don't have a lot of laps in this Black Diamond Chassis and felt like we needed to do our homework and work on our car some more."

Chad Thrash of Meridian, Miss., would finish behind runner-up, Breazeale, to grab his fourth MSCC Series podium result this season. Another pair of Mississippi drivers rounded out the top five finishing order, with Henry Cooper of Star, taking fourth and Leon Henderson of Laurel, in fifth.

Two-time series titlist, David Breazeale, took control at the drop of the green, with Rick Rickman in tow and a three-wide battle for third-place, forming just behind them. On the next lap, Jason Cliburn of Star, brought out the first caution, slowing against the turn two wall.

Once the field went back green, Thrash climbed to third, slipping by Brian Rickman. On lap 5, a plume of smoke shot from behind the No. 21 of Kody Barber, later being determined a blown power steering line, but no yellow was issued.

One of the back-to-back stoppages with eight down, halted the race for the safety crews to clean up the track. A terrific restart by Rick Rickman led to an excellent on-track battle between him and Breazeale, being a virtual dead heat at the end of ten. Breazeale eased to a half-length margin the next go-around, before Dewayne Lott's No. 18 climbed up the turn three concrete wall, signalling the next yellow. On pace, fourth-place Brian Rickman took his No. 90 to the pits to change a flat, restarting on the tail. He would rally back from 21st to salvage a respectable 8th-place finish -one lap down.

The most serious-looking caution happened on lap 14, along the front straightaway, involving six cars. Hard racing and side-by-side contact, sent Dean Carpenter of Coldwater, Miss., into the wall, entering turn one. Others caught up in the incident included, Gary Cooper, Chad Dupont, Dewayne Lott, Daniel Moore and Scott Abraham, who was flagged for the yellow -all drivers were okay, but the race was eventually red flagged to clear the wreckage.

Things began to intensify once racing resumed, as Chris Wall started picking off cars one-by-one. Wall would get in a back-and-forth war with Chad Thrash for third, as their seesaw tussle carried on for at least five laps, going past the crossed flags to signal the midway point of the feature. Running the low line, Wall got the upper hand and position on lap 26, as leader, David Breazeale, enjoyed a three-second advantage over Neil Baggett.

Opportunity knocked for Wall, when second-place Baggett and Scott Abraham brought out the sixth caution, putting Wall behind point-man Breazeale on the restart.

A new leader emerged as Wall nipped Breazeale at the line on the 34th circuit, but Breazeale fought back to lead the very next lap. Not to be out-done, Wall went to the cushion in turns three and four, while running the hub in one and two on lap 37, setting up Breazeale for one final push.

Wall's momentum got him to Breazeale's decklid and on the backstretch, with 11 remaining, Wall made his move to re-gain the lead. Once at the head of the class, Wall, ever-so-slightly, began to put small distances between the two competitors.

With five to go, Wall built a half straightaway leverage on Breazeale, leaving a little room for error. Breazeale managed to make up a little ground among traffic, but Wall's comfort zone was never threatened in the last three laps. Wall raised his arm in the air, as he crossed the stripe, getting the checkered flags for the win.

"Starting that deep back, you definitely have to pace yourself and the cautions certainly worked in our favor tonight. Every time we got a caution, we would pick up a spot or two and everything just worked good. The team did a great job of getting the car put back together to give us a shot at winning," Wall proclaimed.

The Childress Racing Team plans on being more active on the back half of the racing season this year, as the team plans to travel to the Mississippi State Series' only doubleheader next weekend, beginning at North Alabama Speedway -a place where Wall has had a love-hate relationship with during his career.

Wall concluded, "I certainly want to thank Raymond and Kathy Childress, they are great to drive for. We are going to run the bigger races here (in Mississippi) at the end of the year and going to try to get back on our program next year, Mr. Raymond is super busy and we are busy on the (gator) farm right now as well, so it has been a mutual agreement on the races we have ran to date for this season. We just race when we can and making a living comes first."

NOTES: Wall's Black Diamond Chassis is powered by a Roush Yates Engine and sponsored by Childress Fishing & Rentals, Courtesy Golf Karts, PRP Suspensions, Childress Inspection Service, X-Treme Graphics by J-Rod, J&J Motorsports, Miller Welders, Childress Racing, Club 29 Race Cars, Bad Boy Mowers, Advanced Powder Coating, Comp Cams, Ohlin Shocks and Hoosier Tires.
The 50-minute feature ended at 10:35 pm, was slowed by seven cautions, with seven drivers on the lead lap and eleven cars running at race's end.
The top 10 hard charger of the Jackson feature was Leon Henderson of Laurel, Miss., charging from 18th-starting spot to finish fifth.

David Breazeale's second-place finish at Jackson was enough to expand his title chase lead to 65 points (from 35) over Brian Rickman and 75 points on Rick Rickman.

After a solid start to the first six tour races of the year, Neil Baggett of Shannon, Miss., recently sold his car to former NASCAR Sprint Cup driver, Jeremy Mayfield. Baggett was as high as third in the State Series title chase at one point and was standing fifth, before missing the Greenville event in late July.
Baggett returned to the circuit at Jackson, driving Chris Smith's No. 15 car, putting it on the second row for the feature. Baggett is to continue in Smith's car for the reminder of the season -he finished 12th at JMS.

Chad Dupont of Bossier City, La., recently replaced, 2013 Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series Rookie of the Year, B.J. Robinson, in the seat of Childress Racing's' No. F5 machine. In May 2011, Dupont climbed into a late model for the first time in eight years, filling in for a friend at Lonestar Speedway in Kilgore, Texas. At that time, Dupont primarily raced modifieds, being a standout at Champion Park Speedway, near Minden, Louisiana. But Dupont is no stranger to late models, winning in May 2001 on the Louisiana-based, Southern United Professional Racing Series tour at Boothill Speedway -his home track.

In Jackson's MSCC Series' event Saturday, Dupont broke a drive shaft before completing his second qualifying lap, but his crew made repairs to return for the feature. Dupont would start dead last and record a 16th-place finish for his first State Series effort of 2014.

If you looked for Clint Logan's familiar No. 9 on track at Jackson Motor Speedway Saturday night, you wouldn't find it. Logan of Philadelphia, Miss., drove David Breazeale's No. 54x back-up car and struggle to get a hold of it most of the night. Logan was light at the scales, causing him to start at the rear of his B-Main, where he battled to finish fifth, putting him 17th on the grid. He retired early in the feature to finish 19th and now stands ninth in the MSCCS points.

Chris McElhenney of Decatur, debuted a brand new No. 27 Rocket Chassis at Jackson, but things didn't go quite like the 39-year old Mississippi driver would have liked. McElhenney pulled to the infield during his consolation race, then exited early to a 21st-place result, when his front end started digging into the ground, just eight laps into the feature.

Next race:
Upcoming for the Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series is the Battle of the States' weekend doubleheader, starting with a $3,000-to-win/$400-to-start opener at North Alabama Speedway in Tuscumbia on Friday, August 22nd, followed by another $3,000-to-win/$400-to-start show at Columbus (MS) Speedway on Saturday, August 23rd.

(1) Chris Wall, (2) David Breazeale, (3) Chad Thrash, (4) Henry Cooper, (5) Leon Henderson, (6) Jimmy Cliburn, (7) Rick Rickman, (8) Brian Rickman, (9) Keith Miller, (10) Scott Abraham, (11) Edmond Jenkins, (12) Neil Baggett, (13) Daniel Moore, (14) Gary Cooper, (15) Dean Carpenter, (16) Chad Dupont, (17) Kody Barber, (18) Brett Frazier, (19) Clint Logan, (20) Mark Dodson, (21) Chris McElhenney, (22) Dewayne Lott, (23) Jason Cliburn.
Lap Leaders: Breazeale 1-33, Wall 34, Breazeale 35-38, Wall 39-50.
Total Laps Led: Breazeale 37, Wall 13.
Margin of Victory: Six-lengths.

FASTEST QUALIFIER (among 23 cars): David Breazeale at 14.971 seconds.

CONSOLATION RACE WINNERS: Chris Wall, Jimmy Cliburn.

DASH WINNER: Brian Rickman.
B-Main 1 results: Chris Wall, Daniel Moore, Keith Miller, Mark Dodson, Clint Logan, Edmond Jenkins (DNF), Chris McElhenney (DNF), Chad Dupont (DNS).
B-Main 2 results: Jimmy Cliburn, Jason Cliburn, Dean Carpenter, Scott Abraham, Leon Henderson, Dewayne Lott, Gary Cooper (DNS).

Dash results: Brian Rickman, David Breazeale, Rick Rickman, Neil Baggett, Henry Cooper, Chad Thrash, Kody Barber, Brett Frazier.

Group 1 (top 5) fastest qualifiers:

David Breazeale at 14.971 seconds
Neil Baggett at 15.164 seconds
Henry Cooper at 15.223 seconds
Chad Thrash at 15.302 seconds
Chris Wall at 15.357 seconds

Group 2 (top 5) fastest qualifiers:

Brian Rickman at 15.409 seconds
Rick Rickman at 15.447 seconds
Kody Barber at 15.468 seconds
Brett Frazier at 15.759 seconds
Jimmy Cliburn at 15.762 seconds
2014 Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series Point Standings
(Top 15 after August 16th)

1. David Breazeale (Four Corners, MS) - 1,205
2. Brian Rickman (Columbus, MS) - 1,140
3. Rick Rickman (Columbus, MS) - 1,130
4. Chad Thrash (Meridian, MS) - 1,005
5. Mark Dodson (Caledonia, MS) - 820
6. Chase Washington (Houlka, MS) - 755
7. Neil Baggett (Shannon, MS) - 725
8. Leon Henderson (Laurel, MS) - 680
9. Clint Logan (Philadelphia, MS) - 640
10. Keith Miller (Sumerall, MS) - 625
11. Bub McCool (Vicksburg, MS) - 550
12. Henry Cooper (Star, MS) - 440
13. Ross Camponovo (Clarksdale, MS) - 370
14T. Anthony Burroughs (Muscle Shoals, AL) - 335
14T. Mark Tice (Avon, MS) - 335

Total Drivers in 2014: (84) overall, through (9) series' event, from six states.

Driver's State Breakdown: (53) Mississippi, (10) Alabama, (10) Louisiana, (5) Arkansas, (4) Florida, (2) Tennessee.

2014 Sponsors for the Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series include:

All-Star Performance, ASI Wear, Base Fuel, Beyea Headers, B-Line Fabricators, Braswell Carburetors, Fast Shafts, Five Star Bodies, Four Seasons Racing Products, GRT Race Cars, Hoosier Tire South, Jay Dickens Racing Engines, L&D Trucking,, Out-Pace Products, Rocket Chassis, Schoenfeld Headers, Scott Performance Wires, Trak-Star Race Cars, TWM Racing and X-Treme Graphics by J-Rod.


Thrash clinches first ever home track MSCCS win at Whynot

by Bryan Wimberley
Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series correspondent

MERIDIAN, Miss. (August 2) - It has been a long time and coming for Chad Thrash to raise his victorious hands in the air at his home track of Whynot Motorsports Park, in the Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series. Since being rookie of the year in 2006, no one envisioned it would take Thrash nine years to park his No. 1c in Whynot's Victory Lane, but Saturday night that drought came to an abrupt halt.

Thrash turned back several contenders during the 50-lap feature and survived a thrilling clash with Bub McCool of Vicksburg, Miss., to claim a three-length win and banking a $2,500 payday.

"It's real special to win here at our home track, we have been so close, so many times and for so long -it is not even funny! I have given away three of them on the last lap, in the last corner and too finally get one and be able to do it getting past Bub (McCool) real clean, was truly special to me. My wife lost her uncle last Thursday, who basically was her father-figure, so I want to dedicate this win to Bob Glenn -I wished she was here, but I am glad I am able to share this with the kids, my mom and dad. I know my dad is ecstatic about it, because of the way the race went down," said Thrash.

The victory was Thrash's 7th career Mississippi State Series win and his second in less than a month on the tour this season.

McCool and Brian Rickman of Columbus, Miss., completed the podium of finishers, while Eric Cooley of Fulton, Miss., and two-time champion, David Breazeale of Four Corners, Miss., rounded out the top 5 at Whynot.

At the outset, Thrash shuffled to the point over Cooley, McCool, Rick Rickman and Scott Dedwylder after one, but gained a head of steam for a three-second advantage at lap 5.

Thrash's fierce pace sent him negotiating traffic with seven down and in the blink of an eye, Cooley not only closed, but became the second driver to lead the feature.

The melee was on with Cooley, McCool and Thrash all battling for the top spot, side-by-side-by-side on lap 11. McCool would emerge as the front-runner, with five cars separating themselves from the pack.

McCool sliced through traffic with ease, leaving Cooley in the distance and at the halfway mark, McCool enjoyed almost a full straightaway lead.

The race's only caution waved on lap 26, briefly diverting the white knuckle feature and involving three drivers, but on the restart, Thrash seized a perfect opportunity to steal second over Cooley. Two laps later, Brian Rickman also moved by Cooley for third-place.

"I was just catching my breath when Bub (McCool) started putting a little distance on us, during them first 26 laps before the caution. The whole race was just a blistering pace, I hate races like that and adds to the reason this is more special to win a race like this, because it is not my forte. I am known for slower, slicker, stay real straight, not bending the car crazy and acting dumb, type of racing. I am just give out from those 50 laps in this feature, I could probably go some more, but I am riding on adrenaline. Once the excitement wears off and you calm down, you'll get tired or pass out in the truck, on the way to grab a bite to eat," commented Thrash.

McCool continued in front, as the leader of 'Mohawk Nation' began to get a heavy dose of traffic with 15 laps remaining in the main event. Thrash chopped into McCool's two-plus second edge, making it five-lengths on lap 37.

A steady barrage by Thrash propelled him nose-to-tail with McCool and only ten laps to go. Thrash made a move to the inside of McCool, trying to steal away the lead, but McCool fought off the advances on lap 41.

But Thrash could not be stopped on the next lap, slinging the cushion out of turn four, thrusting him to the head of the field. McCool tried retaliating under Thrash in turn two, but Thrash held the position.

With lap traffic coming into the fray, the top four contenders, Thrash, McCool, Brian Rickman and Eric Cooley, all ran 1-2-3-4, as the race drew to a close.

The seesaw scramble behind Thrash, enabled the Meridian-driver to open the margin by a few lengths and that would be enough for him to scream past the checkered flags, with his arm in the air for victory -the wait was over!

Thrash explained, "After the caution, we were still running really, really hard and about lap 35, I finally said 'you know what, we are going absolutely stupid around here and I need to pace myself a little bit'. Once I started pacing some, I actually started to catch him (McCool) and that told me that I was driving it too hard the whole time. I finally caught him and McCool got to jockeying with a lapped car and I was too. It just played out where he (McCool) went to the bottom and I was able to drive back around him on the cushion, getting by him and the lapped car too. I believe he probably abused his tires a lot more than me, I know I hurt my tires really bad, but Bub said was way worse than mine afterwards. I made a bad choice with lap traffic early in the race while I was leading, letting (Eric) Cooley and Bub (McCool) by me, I was just real fortunate to be able to get them back the same way they got me and race to the win!"

Not only did Thrash and McCool trade the lead back-and-forth at WMP, but the pair has also traded victories the last two months in the MSCCS, accounting for the last four straight series' win on the tour.

"We sat down and figured up our stats last week for this new Rocket and Colin Davis, my crew chief, and before this win, our average finish so far this year is seventh. We came and tested last night and we really didn't do anything out of the box, just tweaked on some things we had already been doing -this race car is absolutely unbelievable, it continues to amaze me! I know I have said this before, but I truly believe we can go anywhere in the country right now and line up. I can't thank Mark Richards, Josh Richards and Steve Baker enough at Rocket, Brian Daugherty at Integra Shocks and Darrell Posey at PRP Suspensions -we don't hardly mess with this car, just very minute changes and nothing crazy," Thrash said.

He added, "We are taking things race-by-race, you can talk to the guys from top-to-bottom and they all know you can get slapped in this racing deal so fast. We have had our share of struggles in the past, so I want to keep it together when all them big Mississippi races come towards us near the end of the year. I am taking it in stride, because I know everything can get turned upside down quickly. I can't thank the good Lord enough, he has blessed me this year. I'm so glad we have found consistency and like you said, we have those big (Mississippi) races coming up and we are really looking forward to it! I hope we don't lap the motor out before then, because we are running so good right now, you just don't want to quit racing. Sometimes you have to sit back and look at the bigger picture, because we have the same car and other type of equipment that the other guys we are racing with right now. The difference comes by them running a motor 800 to 1,000 laps, compared to us going 1,500 to 1,800 laps, so by the end of the year, our stuff is tired and they probably race the big races on fresh stuff. If we keep going like we are going, maybe we will be able to get ours freshened up before then......I also want to thank Jay (Dickens), he has helped us out a lot this year too."

NOTES: Thrash's Rocket Chassis is powered by a Jay Dickens Racing Engine and sponsored by Miller Lite, Tomkat of Chunky, Structural Steel Services, Thrash Pest Control, X-Treme Graphics by J-Rod, Five Star Bodies and BASE Racing Fuels.

The 22-minute main event ended at 11:12 pm, was slowed by a single caution, with thirteen cars running at end of feature.

The top 10 hard charger of the feature was local Tim Dees in the No. 11, who moved from 20th-starting position to finish eighth.

Another driver on the move was Mark Dodson, who's car started smoking in the staging lane before the Whynot feature. Dodson of Caledonia, Miss., started 12th and climbed four spots, finishing in eighth-place.

Chase Washington of Houlka, dropped a valve in the powerplant of his No. 38, but later borrowed the No. 311 crate late model from Henry Pullen of Pittsboro, Miss., taking a virtual start-and-park in the feature.

After leading several laps last week in the 1st Annual St Jude Classic at Thunder Valley Speedway, Kennith Crowe of Port Allen, La., started 11th at Whynot, in his first State Series showing of 2014 -Crowe went on to retire early for a 16th-place result.

The leader at the top of the standings remains the same, but David Breazeale has a new face looking up at him in second-place, as Brian Rickman broke last week's tie with brother, Rick Rickman and now trails 'The Ragin' Rebel' by 35 points in the quest for the MSCCS title.

Next race: The Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series will make their first appearance of the season at Jackson Motor Speedway in Byram, Miss., in a $2,500-to-win/$300-to-start, 50-lap event, on Saturday, August 16th.

MSCCS AT WHYNOT: (1) Chad Thrash, (2) Bub McCool, (3) Brian Rickman, (4) Eric Cooley, (5) David Breazeale, (6) Rick Rickman, (7) Clint Logan, (8) Mark Dodson, (9) Tim Dees, (10) Keith Miller, (11) Leon Henderson, (12) Taylor Jarvis, (13) Scott Abraham, (14) Scott Dedwylder, (15) Marty Hardy, (16) Kennith Crowe, (17) Henry Cooper, (18) Jeremy Broadus, (19) Chase Washington, (SCR) Edmond Jenkins.

FASTEST QUALIFIER (among 20 cars): Bub McCool at 12.803 seconds.

CONSOLATION RACE WINNERS: Henry Cooper, Scott Abraham.


B-Main 1 results: Henry Cooper, Kennith Crowe, Keith Miller, Leon Henderson, Taylor Jarvis, Marty Hardy.

B-Main 2 results: Scott Abraham, Mark Dodson, Tim Dees, Jeremy Broadus, Edmond Jenkins (DNS), Chase Washington (DNS).

Dash results: Bub McCool, Chad Thrash, Rick Rickman, Eric Cooley, Brian Rickman, David Breazeale, Scott Dedwylder, Clint Logan.

Group 1 (top 5) fastest qualifiers:

Chad Thrash at 12.873 seconds
Eric Cooley at 12.905 seconds
Clint Logan at 12.926 seconds
David Breazeale at 12.993 seconds
Mark Dodson at 13.163 seconds

Group 2 (top 5) fastest qualifiers:

Bub McCool at 12.803 seconds
Rick Rickman at 12.827 seconds
Scott Dedwylder at 12.917 seconds
Brian Rickman at 12.968 seconds
Henry Cooper at 13.057 seconds

Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series' Standings
(Top 15 points through August 2nd)

1. David Breazeale (Four Corners, MS) - 1,065
2. Brian Rickman (Columbus, MS) - 1,030
3. Rick Rickman (Columbus, MS) - 1,015
4. Chad Thrash (Meridian, MS) - 870
5. Mark Dodson (Caledonia, MS) - 770
6. Chase Washington (Houlka, MS) - 755
7. Neil Baggett (Shannon, MS) - 635
8. Clint Logan (Philadelphia, MS) - 585
9. Leon Henderson (Laurel, MS) - 555
10. Bub McCool (Vicksburg, MS) - 550
11. Keith Miller (Sumerall, MS) - 520
12. Ross Camponovo (Clarksdale, MS) - 370
13T. Anthony Burroughs (Muscle Shoals, AL) - 335
13T. Mark Tice (Avon, MS) - 335
15. Chris Smith (Brewton, AL) - 330

Total Drivers in 2014: (77) overall, through eight events, from six states.

Driver's State Breakdown: (49) Mississippi, (10) Alabama, (7) Louisiana, (5) Arkansas, (4) Florida, (2) Tennessee.

2014 Sponsors for the Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series include:

All-Star Performance, ASI Wear, Base Fuel, Beyea Headers, B-Line Fabricators, Braswell Carburetors, Fast Shafts, Five Star Bodies, Four Seasons Racing Products, GRT Race Cars, Hoosier Tire South, Jay Dickens Racing Engines, L&D Trucking,, Out-Pace Products, Rocket Chassis, Schoenfeld Headers, Scott Performance Wires, Trak-Star Race Cars, TWM Racing and X-Treme Graphics by J-Rod.