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604 Crate Motor with NeSmith seals; just refreshed & runs good.  $3,500 cash only.  Call 731-587-4403

Fran Morehead
Martin, TN

(added 05-01-15)


I have 18 Good used dirt Late Model tires , 1100 , 1600, M20 and wrs2D55 all have only a 2 or 3 nights . We are going to different class and want these sold . $100.00 located in West Frankfort IL zip code 62896  southern IL 618-513-0401  16 of these are very good tires and 2 have weather cracks in them . But at that price ya gotta take those 2 also.  Call me and pickup arrangements can be made or I can truck freight a pallet to ya too. 

(added 02-26-14)


I have Real and Weld Wheels for sale. I have 10 bead locks and 2 nons. All are in good shape and most were new this past season.  $160 for the beads and $90 for the nons. Would make a great deal if someone would take them all. Also have various Hoosier tires for sale. 1300's-1600's. $25-$75. Call 662-251-4536.

(added 02-11-14)


Wheels (All Weld XL Wheels 5 off set)
10 Bead Lock              $150.00 each
10 Non Bead Lock      $100.00 each
*****Most have a tire on them.

Genesis Shocks
G174-5                        $150
G173-7                        $150
9” Double Adjustable G3 Big Rebound RR Shock                    $300
9” Double Adjustable G3 LR Shock with 2” extension  $300

Integra Canister Shocks (Setup by GW Performance for Mastersbilt GEN-X)
LF – 7” Double Adjustable                   $1200 for the set
RF – 7” Double Adjustable
RR – 9” Double Adjustable
LR -  9” Double Adjustable w 2” Extension (Shaft Bent needs Repaired)

Pro Aluminum Body Oil Shocks
(3x) 9-1 6”                   $20 each
Pro Double Adjustable 9”         $75

(3) Take Up Springs with sliders       $20.00 for all 3

I have lots of misc springs 14” 12” 10” etc…  I will have a detailed list soon.


Todd Hall
Charleston, MO